Maintenance - How to take care of your leather band ?

Leather and water

  • Can I wear my leather band at the pool? At the beach?
  • Can I keep my leather band in the shower?
  • When do I have to remove my leather band ?
  • Can I keep my leather band during my workout?

If you're asking yourself all these questions, then you've come to the right place. We'll tell you everything, in detail.

Leather is an animal material that does not really support water. Even if our bands are treated, they are not waterproof and it is therefore necessary to avoid immersing them in water. No bath, no swimming pool, no sea. No exceptions.

No problem with light splashes when washing hands or dishes though.

If your band has been in contact with water, do not let it dry in the sun. Pat it with a cloth to remove the moisture and let it air dry, away from light. Do not use a hair dryer.

TheApple Watch is waterproof since the Series 2, so you can wear it for sports, at the pool, at the beach, etc. However, we advise you to choose bands adapted to water immersion, such as bands sports in fluoroelastomer or nylon for example, which will not be damaged by water or perspiration. On the one hand, moisture on the wrist with leather around it is not very pleasant. On the other hand, perspiration, chlorine and sea water are aggressive and will damage the leather very quickly. We have already recovered some at the after-sales service, it's not nice to see.

Maintenance of your band leather

No maintenance is required or recommended for your bands leather. Leather is treated for maximum resistance and a beautiful patina over time. It is not necessary to clean it, feed it, wax it or other. Indeed, the cleaning products used for shoes, handbags, clothes, car seats or leather sofas are not adapted to bands, which have a finer leather.

So we forget the following products, which the fine leather of your band could not absorb:

  • Cleansing milk
  • Waxing
  • Leather cream
  • Shoe cream
  • Sneaker cleaners
  • Leather oils
  • Leather soaps
  • Care products for suede shoes
  • Waterproofing
  • Leather shampoo