Bracelet for Apple Watch Series 8

This year, for this 8th generation ofApple Watch, there are no major changes in terms of design, which remains more or less the same as the previous Series, apart from a slightly larger screen and a slightly slimmer case. Apple has mainly integrated or improved health functions. Designed to be much more than just a watch,Apple Watch Series 8 is a lifestyle companion that keeps you connected throughout the day, tracking all your physical activities and communicating with loved ones. It's essential to choose the right band for your Apple Watch Series 8, so let's take a look at a few important points.

How to choose the right band for your Apple Watch Series 8?

We've got great news: all bands sold on Band-Band are compatible with this new Apple Watch Series 8 and with all previous Series too. And of course, there's something for every taste and budget.

If you're looking for an elegant band for everyday use, let yourself be seduced by our collection of Eternel leather bands , handcrafted by artisans in Haute-Savoie. Prices start from €49.90, a very attractive price for high-quality French leather. You'll also find an exclusive at Eternel : high-end bands in upcycled marine leather, a world first.

For those who prefer a sportier style or simply want a casual band for everyday wear, our wide selection of Band-Band and Nomad sport bands will meet all your expectations. bands Band-Band offers excellent value for money, with a multitude of designs and colors to choose from, starting at €19.

Finally, for those who want to distinguish their Apple Watch Series 8 with unique designs, discover our bands Nuuk collection. These bands, 100% vegan and made in France, will add a touch of originality to your connected watch. With over 500 regularly updated models, ourApple Watch range is designed to satisfy all styles and preferences.


A wide range of materials is available for bands d'Apple Watch. Each has its own specific characteristics. Among the most popular options are :

  • Leather: a symbol of elegance, leather adds a touch of refinement to your connected watch. On Band-Band, you'll mainly find bands leather watches from the French brand Eternel, offering high-quality bands watches at affordable prices.
  • Stainless steel: this material is an excellent choice for bands d'Apple Watch, offering both durability and modernity. Known for its strength, this material is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. In addition to its sturdiness, stainless steel adds a touch of modernity and is easily adaptable, whether for professional or more casual occasions.
  • Silicone: silicone is a popular material for bands d'Apple Watch because of its flexibility and resistance. Easy to clean and comfortable to wear, this material is ideal for everyday use, especially for sports and outdoor activities.
  • Pineapple fiber: an innovative, eco-friendly alternative. Derived from renewable resources, this material seduces with its durability and reduced environmental impact. With its unique texture and aesthetic appeal, pineapple fiber is a material that offers distinctive style while being soft and comfortable on the wrist, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both style and ecological awareness.

Of course, there are many other materials available for bands for Apple Watch , such as fluoroelastomer, a highly resistant material. But also cork, a durable and lightweight material, and nylon.


Comfort is one of the most important criteria for bands Apple Watch . That's why every band sold on Band-Band is designed to enable you to wear them all day long without any discomfort. The choice depends largely on your personal style, but above all on how you intend to use them. bands sport, for example, are often favored for their comfort, lightness and ability to let the skin breathe, making them ideal for physical exercise. Although aesthetically pleasing, they are less suited to formal outfits such as suits, unlike bands metal or leather.

The context of use is really crucial: using a leather band for sport would be as inappropriate as wearing leather shoes for exercise. Similarly, metal bands are not the most suitable for sporting activities, as their design is less practical for this type of use. It is therefore advisable to use bands dedicated to each activity.


Emphasis is also placed on the durability of bands for theApple Watch Series 8, an essential feature given their use in a variety of contexts and situations. Robust, long-lasting materials are selected to effectively withstand everyday wear and tear. When it comes to the locking system, we prefer high-quality materials and mechanisms, carefully engineered to prevent accidental unhooking.

With specific regard to the band Milanese, it's important to note that its magnetic closure can be less sturdy than the more robust systems such as the nail or clasp used in the band Ocean. It is therefore advisable to adapt the choice of your band to your intended activity, to ensure an optimum match between the style of the band and its use.


The design of bands forApple Watch Series 8 has been carefully thought out, to offer you a variety of styles to suit every occasion and your personal taste. From sporty, casual models to more refined, elegant designs. What's more, bands is available in a wide range of colors. Whether you prefer bright, bold hues or more discreet, classic shades, you'll easily find the color that perfectly matches your style or outfit of the day. At Band-Band, there's something for everyone.

The 5 best bands for Apple Watch Series 8

Simple Tour 

The simple tour is the essential band for your Apple Watch Series 8. Made from Made in France cowhide leather, its fine, light grain will add a subtle touch of elegance to your wrist. To be worn without moderation.


The band imagined and designed for slim wrists, bringing elegance and freshness to your Apple Watch Series 8 with trendy pastel colors.

New Rover

The band chic for adventure. Designed in canvas fabric to be comfortable and to let your wrist breathe, its seams and loops have been reinforced with leather so that your band will stand up to any test.


Distinguish yourself with an original and vegan band . The Starmania is made from the bark of the cork oak and is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.


The band with a unique character. Its perforations let your wrist breathe during all your long days and its unique folding buckle guarantees an express and solid closing of your band. It is the band for active people who want a neat look.

Braided loop

Made of a soft, stretchy fabric, this band stretches like an elastic band so you can just slip your wrist on. Its unique loop system makes it easy to put on and take off. It also allows your band to fit perfectly around the curve of your wrist and stay securely attached to your wrist during your workout. Wide choice of colors to fit all your styles and desires.

How to maintain your band for Apple Watch Series 8?

To maintain the beauty and quality of your band sport for Apple Watch Series 8, whether in silicone, nylon or fluoroelastomer, we recommend rinsing it thoroughly after your sports session. To do this, remove the band from your watch and rinse it in clear water. However, to keep it in good condition, avoid using soap or any other cleaning product that could damage it. Then let band dry completely in the open air before putting it back on your watch. Avoid all sources of heat.

It's a little different for bands stainless steel, leather or vegan. Indeed, specific cleaning is not recommended for these bands. If you really want to clean them, you can simply use a soft cloth to rub them gently. For these materials, it is important to avoid the use of water or aggressive products, which can damage band. For more detailed information on how to care for bands leather, see the tips on this page.

Tips for extending the life of your band Apple Watch

To ensure maximum durability of your band for Apple Watch Series 8, it is important to follow certain recommendations. Firstly, it is advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, which could alter the color and materials of your band. Materials such as leather, steel or cork are not water-resistant, so it's best to keep them dry and not submerged. If you're planning aquatic activities, such as swimming, opt for a band designed for the purpose, such as those made of silicone or fabric specially adapted for sport.

In addition, avoid contact with substances such as perfumes, hydroalcoholic solutions or abrasive cleaning products, which could really damage your band.
It is also advisable to store your band in a dry place, away from humidity, when you are not wearing it on your wrist.

By following these simple tips, you'll be able to maintain the aesthetics and quality of your bands products, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring that they'll be with you for many years to come, in good condition.

The connected watch for health and safety

Now let's take a look atApple Watch Series 8. The first major new feature of this new Apple Watch Series 8 is the integration of an innovative temperature sensor, particularly useful for monitoring women's health.
Women will be able to track their cycle in a comprehensive way, with heart rate and temperature analysis.
Thanks toApple Watch Series 8, you can monitor your health in real time: heart rate, pulse detection, ECG, oxygen levels, temperature...
Another feature, which has also been programmed into the new Apple Watch, is accident detection with automatic emergency call-out. For the very first time, your Apple Watch will be able to detect whether you've had a serious accident. If this is the case, it will put you directly in touch with the emergency services, who will be able to access your location and even alert your emergency contacts.
It also includes enhanced fall detection functionality, enabling you to contact the emergency services directly from your watch in the event of a fall.

Simplified communication

WithApple Watch Series 8, you can easily communicate with all your loved ones via phone calls, messages and e-mail. You can even send messages directly from your Apple Watch, without having to take out your iPhone.
With advanced hands-free control, you can use Siri directly from your watch to perform simple tasks like making calls, sending messages...

Design and screen

The Series 8 retains Apple's emblematic square design, while making a number of aesthetic improvements. The screen is now larger, offering better legibility of information and easier interaction with applications. The materials used in the watch's construction are of the highest quality, providing a sense of solidity and durability.

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