Professionals: Become a reseller of bands Apple Watch

Become a retailer of bands and multi-brand accessories! Band-Band provides retail managers with all the tools and services necessary to easily order and quickly put on the shelves hundreds of product references in your store. Band-Band offers dozens of brands of bands and accessories Apple Watch that can be sold in stores.

Store display

We have designed acrylic and felt displays especially for bands Apple Watch . They are entirely made in France (Toulouse) and are designed above all to highlight the products in the store. The very white aspect of the acrylic allows our displays to fit perfectly into a refined and elegant furnishing. To the touch, the felt under bands evokes the world of jewelry and brings a touch of refinement.

The picture on the right shows you 2 displays Band-Band with 10 slots each. They can be found in most iConcept stores in the southwest of France. You can directly order the uniquely designed displays Band-Band in your B2B online order manager.

Online Order Manager

Band-Band provides its B2B customers with an online order management space. It is an easy-to-use online site that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The functionalities of the B2B order manager : 

  • Simply place orders
  • Manage orders
  • Manage invoices
  • Track the status of orders
  • Pay online your orders
  • Benefit from prices before tax

Use the form at the bottom of the page to request your registration to our B2B interface.

Packaging that serves the products

The bands and accessories for Apple Watch are provided in solid packaging, which protects the products while enhancing them. The bands Apple Watch Made in France of the brand Eternal are specifically designed for stores, they will fit perfectly on the shelf within a sober and elegant aesthetic specific to the apple brand. An explanatory text is written on the back of the Eternal boxes to guide the customer to change his band. The packagings are equipped with standard European fasteners allowing them to be hung on the shelf.

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