Reveal yourself

Reveal yourself

The ShadeBand is a band for Apple Watch totally revolutionary...
No more need to change band ! it will be the last one you will wear...
It's a unique model, you can change it according to your desires! The color can vary among 1 billion shades according to your will in a simple snap of the finger.

The shade of your life


The shade of your life

Change your color to suit your mood! The secret of this band ? A condensed nano-technology, developed by the laboratories Band-Band. Thanks to its Silicone Retina nano-coating, the ShadeBand can change according to your will.

Not tested on animals

True tone technology

Textured nanoparticles

  • 1 billion colors
  • Compatible Apple Watch
  • Textured nanoparticles

How does it work?

Using the ShadeBand is easy

Fix your band

Change the color of your dial Apple Watch

Or press the ShadeClick

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