On September 12, 2023, Apple announced its new products. This year, in particular, it was theApple Watch Series 9 that was presented with honors at the Apple Event, the brand's famous keynote.

Compatibility of our bands

All bands sold on Band-Band remain compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 9. They are also compatible with the new Apple Watch Ultra 2.

If you're looking for a rather elegant band , to be worn daily at work, bands Apple Watch leather Made in France from the Eternel brand are made for you. If you're looking for a band for sport or casual wear, you'll easily find what you're looking for in our wide selection of bands sport Band-Band and Nomad. Last but not least, if you like original and out-of-the-ordinary bands , we also offer bands from the Nuuk brand, which are 100% vegan and made from pineapple bark or cork, for example.

In total, it is more than 500 references of bands renewed very regularly, which will suit all tastes and styles.

Our selection of bands

Single Tour 

An essential bracelet for your Apple Watch, the band Simple Tour by Eternel is made from Made in France cowhide. Its fine, light grain will add a subtle touch of elegance to your wrist. To be worn without moderation.

Pina Colada

Distinguish yourself with an original, vegan band . Pina Colada is made from pineapple peel and is produced naturally and with respect for the environment.

Sport Bracelet

The band sport is a must-have band in your collection. Ideal for sports, but also for everyday wear thanks to its wide choice of regularly renewed colors, you'll be able to add a colorful touch to all your outfits. Made from fluoroelastomer, it's soft, highly resistant and easy to forget on the wrist.


Invented in Milan in the 19th century and very much in vogue in the 50s, the band milanais has been modernized to become the iconic band ofApple Watch. The secret of its comfort lies in its supple knit and magnetic fastening, which ensures a perfect fit.


The band with a unique character. Its perforations let your wrist breathe during all your long days and its unique folding buckle guarantees an express and solid closing of your band. It is the band for active people who want a neat look.


band Horizon is the world's first band for Apple Watch made from upcycled marine leather. Made from noble leather, each pattern is unique and entirely designed by nature.

Apple Watch Series 9

This year, for this 9th generation ofApple Watch, there are no major changes in terms of design, which remains more or less the same as the previous Series. Apart from the return of pink, of course. Perhaps a big change is in store next year for the 10th generation ofApple Watch ?

A more efficient Apple Watch

For this newApple Watch model, Apple has not integrated any new health sensors, as was the case with the previous version. However,Apple Watch Series 9 is equipped with a new, faster and more powerful S9 chip.
This new, more powerful chip also makes for a brighter screen. In fact, theApple Watch Series 9 screen can reach 2000nits of brightness, double that of its predecessor. Perfect for reading in bright sunlight. On the other hand, to be more discreet, in a movie theater for example, the screen brightness of this new Apple Watch can go down to just 1nit. So you can use your connected watch without disturbing your neighbors.

Practical innovations

The great innovation of this Apple Watch Series 9 is the "double-touch" feature, which is also possible thanks to the new chip. This brand-new gesture, which consists of touching your thumb twice with your index finger, lets you control your Apple Watch without even touching the screen. You'll be able, for example, to answer a call or a message, stop the timer or pause the music just with this simple gesture. Perfect if you're busy and can't use both hands.

And that's not all: by integrating this new chip, Apple has added a feature that will appeal to many users. The precise location feature will help you find your iPhone if you can't find it, by showing you how far away it is and in which direction you need to go to find it. Once you're near it, an indicator on your Apple Watch screen and a little noise will let you know.

An environment-oriented Apple Watch

Apple has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality on all its devices by 2030, and with theApple Watch the brand is taking its first step in this direction. TheApple Watch is the very first carbon-neutral product. To reduce its emissions, Apple uses innovative materials, low-carbon modes of transport and clean energy. The small proportion of remaining emissions is offset by investments in nature-based projects. With the environment taking center stage this year, the brand has also worked on a number of carbon-neutral bands products. This is the case, for example, for some bands sport loops, alpine loops and bands trail loops.