Bracelet Apple Watch Ultra green alpine buckle with iPad mini coral and denim jacket

Like every autumn, Apple announced all the new products to come at its Apple Event. This famous keynote is a highly anticipated event for all Apple fans. Amongst all these new products, the release of theApple Watch Ultra 2 was the most eagerly awaited.

bands Apple Watch Ultra 2 compatibility

All bands sold on Band-Band are compatible with this new Apple Watch Ultra 2nd generation. At Band-Bandthere is a bands to suit every profile and taste. If you want to give your Apple Watch a more elegant look, the bands leather Made in France Eternel are for you. If you prefer a more casual, sporty look, then you'll find what you're looking for in our wide selection of bands sport. Band-Band but also from the Nomad brand. Finally, we also offer original, vegan bands made from pineapple bark or cork, for example, by the Nuuk brand.
All in all, there are over 500 bands references, regularly renewed, to suit all tastes and styles.

Our selection of bands Apple Watch Ultra 2


It is the band for active people who still want to keep a neat look. Its perforations will allow your wrist to breathe during all your long days and its stainless steel folding buckle will guarantee a quick and solid closure of your band.


The rustic look of the band vintage contrasts with the futuristic look of theApple Watch Ultra 2, making it a timelessly elegant timepiece. This raw, authentic look is descended from the farmers and mountain men of Logan City, the famous explorers who roamed the Rockies in the early 19th century.

Alpine Loop

Lightweight yet extremely sturdy, the band boucle alpine is made from two textile materials woven in a single piece, with no visible seams. Its G-shaped closure fits easily into the buckles of your band. The assurance that your band will stay firmly in place.

Ocean Bracelet

It's the band for water sports. Made of highly elastic fluoroelastomer, you can adjust it to your wrist perfectly. Its buckle and adjustable closing ring will keep your band in place for high speed or deep water sports.

Trail loop

Made of woven nylon, the Trail buckle is very thin and light for optimal comfort. Its flap closure system will allow you to quickly and perfectly adjust your band to your wrist, even in the middle of a workout.

New Rover

For all adventurers who want a more elegant band , the New Rover will dress up your Apple Watch Ultra 2. It will become your faithful companion on adventures and accompany you everywhere.

The bands Apple Watch Ultra 2

A more efficient Apple Watch

At its previous keynote, in 2022, Apple announced an all-new Apple Watch : theApple Watch Ultra. Designed for the adventurous, a second version was presented this year, theApple Watch Ultra 2. Like theApple Watch Series 9, only modest changes were unveiled. The main change is the integration of a new SiP S9 chip, the most powerful and fastest designed by Apple.
The big innovation is also Twice Touch, a gesture consisting of touching the thumb and forefinger twice to control theApple Watch without even touching the screen. This new feature is particularly useful on this Apple Watch designed for extreme sports. Useful, for example, to stop a timer during training, or to answer the phone on a trek.

Screen brightness has also been revised to reach up to 3,000 nits in full sunlight, and down to 1 nit at night. This means that the brightness of your connected watch can be fully adapted to your environment. Also, the night mode of your Apple Watch Ultra 2 will automatically activate when you're in the dark.
New useful information is also displayed on your screen: depth, altitude...

Last but not least, this new processor also enables a useful new feature: precise localization, which lets you find your iPhone when you can't find it, by telling you exactly how far away it is and in what direction you need to go to find it. Once you're next to your iPhone, a little noise and an indicator on the screen will let you know.

A first step towards neutrality carbone

Apple has set itself a clear objective: to achieve neutrality carbone on all its products by 2030. The brand has taken a first step in this direction with theApple Watch. Among all its devices, the Connected Watch is the brand's first carbone neutral product. This has been made possible by the use of innovative materials, clean energy and low-emission transport carbone. The small share of remaining emissions is offset by investments in nature-based projects. And for a case- band neutral association in carbone, Apple has also worked on some bands especially for theApple Watch Ultra 2 neutral in carbone like the band trail or the band boucle alpine.


Apart from these few new features, theApple Watch Ultra 2 is very similar to theApple Watch Ultra: a long battery life of 36 hours with normal use, and up to 72 hours with the energy-saving mode, plus a host of useful safety features.

The price for this second-generationApple Watch Ultra has dropped by €100 to €899.