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Apple Watch Steel bracelet

TheApple Watch is a connected watch revealed to the world on September 9, 2014 by the electronics giant, Apple. Apple's watch can perform tasks usually reserved for phones or computers, such as writing messages, emails, etc.

In addition to different models,Apple Watch has a collection bands interchangeable steel of several types. Perfect to personalize your connected watch at a lower cost!

However, buying a band steel for Apple Watch can seem complex. How to make the right choice, and order the right band steel for Apple Watch ? At Band-Band, we have thought of you, and we explain how to get through the jungle of bands steel for Apple Watch.

I have a Apple Watch, a band steel what is it ?

A band in steel is made from a metal alloy (iron, carbone and chromium) that proves to be rust-resistant over time. Your bands made of stainless steel will therefore stand the test of time, and their shine will not vary with the seasons, as might be the case with other metals.

The bands steel cases were originally developed to cover sports watches, replacing the bands leather cases. These are prone to wear when exposed to water and heavy perspiration. And while the leather bands watches create a contrast of materials and colors, the steel band brings harmony and continuity.

There are many bands steel watches compatible with Apple Watch. You can buy one of the bands sold on Band-Band separately to replace the band supplied with theApple Watch model you have acquired. It is also possible to useApple Watch Studio to perfect the creation of theApple Watch of your dreams.

Also, if you feel the need to stand out, you can always opt for a colorful band (as long as it's not a wooden band !).

Why choose band steel for Apple Watch at Band-Band ?

When you buy a band steel on Band-Band, you don't only benefit from the 24 hours shipping. You have the possibility of a free return of your product, wherever you receive your order, with no minimum order amount.

In addition, if you make purchases over 100 euros, delivery is free anywhere in the world.

But our strength is also our choice! Band-Band has a variety of accessories for your Apple Watch. Let's discover together the different types of bands steel for Apple Watch that Band-Band puts at your disposal:

The band Apple Watch Milanese stainless steel

The so-called Milanese buckle is made from a beautiful smooth link made of stainless steel that wraps around the wrist and is secured by magnetic force. The bands for connected watches in sizes 41mm and 45mm are available in three colors (silver, graphite and gold).

The band with links

Made from the same stainless steel as theApple Watch case, it is composed of over 100 components secured by a butterfly lock. At Band-Band, we choose only the best brands of this type of band Apple Watch .

The band trail loop

The band trail loop is a steel band for Apple Watch designed with a nylon webbing to form a flexible band with rare elasticity for easy adjustment and optimal comfort.

How to put a band steel on a Apple Watch ?

Apple has created a simple and practical system that allows you to change your bands watch as often as you like. BecauseApple Watch is not just a connected watch, or a tech product. It is also a fashion accessory. So, you might as well take advantage of it!

Choose the color, size and band to create the perfect watch for you. And just like you, with a new band, theApple Watch can change style and adapt to any occasion.

Changing band is as quick and easy as changing your shirt! All you need to know is how to press a button.

Follow the instructions to put a band steel on a Apple Watch :

  • Be sure to use a band that matches the case size of the Apple Watch you are using.

The sizes of bands are 41 mm and 45 mm. For those with a Apple Watch series 1, 2 or even 3, opt for a 41 mm band for the 38 mm model. The 42 mm Apple Watch models accommodate 45 mm size bands . For users of Apple Watch series 4 to 7, go for a 41 mm band if you have a 40 mm model. Similarly, get a 45mm band if you are using a 45mm model. If you have a Apple Watch ultra, it would be ideal to opt for a 45 mm band .

The steps to set up a band steel on a Apple Watch are as follows:

  • Place the watch on a soft, flat surface.
  • Two small buttons are present on your band, one on each halfband.
  • Press one of the buttons to release the halfband, and slide it out.
  • Do the same with the other halfband.
  • Finally, introduce the new halfbands with the same technique.

How do I maintain my band steel on my Apple Watch ?

The life expectancy of your band steel for Apple Watch is closely linked to its maintenance. We therefore recommend that you take care of your connected watch and its band !

High quality equipment that is poorly maintained and neglected will not last as long as if it were well maintained. This is a shame for a product as expensive asApple Watch! Cleaning your band fromApple Watch will help keep your watch looking its best.

If you have a Apple Watch with band steel or mesh, it is very easy to clean your band watch.

Very few tools are needed to polish the bands steel watch. A soft cloth or soft bristle brush and soap are all that is needed. These steps are as follows:

  • Moisten the brush or your soft cloth
  • Add soap to your brush or cloth
  • Rub your band gently
  • Rinse the band thoroughly with clean water
  • Dry your band with a soft, dry cloth.

And that's all there is to it! With our technique, you'll have the beautiful, shiny watch that your friends will envy. With a band steel for Apple Watch in good condition and a well-maintained connected watch, you are ready for a good time.