bands Apple Watch Made in France

Let yourself be seduced by the French Touch


An artisanal knowledge

Eternel has surrounded itself with the best tanneries in France to offer a selection of bands Apple Watch Made in France leathers of the highest quality. Leathers from France and Italy are rigorously selected.

To create its bands Apple Watch , Eternel has put its trust in the tanners of Haute-Savoie. Just a stone's throw from the Swiss border, a country with world-renowned expertise in watchmaking.

Band-Band is proud to exclusively offer bands Apple Watch Made in France by Eternel.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! It's time to find your band

Our bands Apple Watch Made in France


Bracelet Apple Watch Made in France with folding clasp

Made from cowhide leather, band Apple Watch Rallye was designed and created in France. Its folding buckle guarantees express and solid closure.


Bracelet Apple Watch Made in France leather checkerboard black

A tapestry pattern of brilliant purity on a cowhide leather, combined with a black of unfathomable depth for a hypnotic result. A black diamond.


Bracelet Apple Watch full grain leather

The bands Vintage Made in France will patina with time. After 2 months of use its aspect will be marked for an elegant and chic style.

New Rover

Bracelet Apple Watch designed for adventure

The New Rover will quickly become your faithful companion on adventures and will accompany you to the ends of the earth on your most beautiful journeys. Resistant (like you), it will stand the test of time.

Simple Tour

Bracelet Apple Watch calf leather white stitching

Discover or rediscover simple tour, the iconic band . Made from fine, noble calf leather, with light-colored stitching that evokes the tradition of harness saddlers.


Bracelet Apple Watch Made in France leather small size

Fuse quality leather and French craftsmanship, add a zest of good humor and femininity, and you've got this collection Aquarelle. The soft pastel colors of band elegantly add a touch of freshness to your Apple Watch and your look.

Double Tour

Leather bracelet Apple Watch handmade

Elegant and essential bracelet of the feminine watchmaking, the double-tour in cowhide leather will transform your Apple Watch into a refined jewel.


Bracelet Apple Watch velvet goat leather

With its velvet finish, it is the softest band you can wear.


Bracelet Apple Watch Made in France leather 16 colors

Celebrate color with the Holi collection for Apple Watch. Made in France cowhide leather bracelet available in 16 colors.


The 1st band marine leather Made in France and upcycled

Sometimes a simple meeting is enough to give birth to beautiful things. In 2020, we met a start-up from Lyon, Ictyos, with whom we share the same values. Specialized in marine leather, they transform fish skins destined to become waste into a precious raw material.


French know-how

Watch a video showing the different stages in the manufacture of bands Made in France Band-Band + Eternel. bands Made in France by Eternel are all hand-crafted in Haute-Savoie by tannery artisans.