Leather strap Apple Watch

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Leather strap Apple Watch

A band leather Apple Watch is a very common accessory for the connected watch of the apple brand. If the bands made of fabric, plastic or metal are the most common, the band leather is apart: it denotes a certain style and a real sense of luxury. It gives a special style to your look.

Because your watch Apple Watch connected to your iPhone is not only a technological jewel. It is also a fashion accessory. So what better way to show off your Apple Watch than with a leather band ?

At Band-Band, we have provided a complete selection of band leather Apple Watch, whether black, brown or other, so you can make your choice and customize your watch today.

What are the different types of band leather Apple Watch ?

Are you looking for a stylish band ? If so, you can opt for a band Apple watch in leather.

There are actually several types of bands leather for Apple Watch. There are already two types of leather: with a grooved surface, or a smooth surface. In addition, you can choose from several types of clasps. Some models have a state-of-the-art clasp, mainly for a Apple Watch size 38 mm.

Also, the bands leather with a magnetic closure is available especially for 42mm connected watches. Also note that the softness of leather gives your smartwatch a classic and elegant style.

Let's review some of the main types of band leather Apple Watch.

Leather link

The leather link also called leather link is a band made of red leather and textile fibers, designed in France. It is maintained on your wrist thanks to soft and flexible magnets, which gives you a pleasant sensation during its use. The leather link is compatible with watches Apple Watch size 45 and 41 mm.

Modern loop

The leather link, also called modern buckle, is a band made of leather fiber, which givesApple watch an elegant and sophisticated style. This band is similar to a buckle and its inner lining is made of textile fiber. The leather link is compatible with 38mm, 40mm and 41mm case sizes.

Hermes Leather Single Tour

The band leather Hermes Single Tour features classic Hermes designs in a variety of leathers to match your favorite style and color. TheApple Watch Hermes is created by the famous brand Hermes and the technology giant Apple. However, the band hermes leather watch is not compatible with the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watches.

Hermès Leather Double Tour

This band is almost identical to the previous one. The difference lies in the number of turns the band makes on your wrist. The Hermes Leather Double Tour has the particularity of being more extensible and adapts easily to the wrist. This band is available in nine options, all available for 40 mm, 38 mm and 41 mm watches exclusively.

What are the advantages of a band leather for Apple Watch ?

Watches with a leather band are in a class of their own. It is no coincidence that leather is the most used material for the design of bands watches.

In fact, most of the Apple Watch sold in recent years are Apple Watch with bands leather. If watches made of this type of band have become so popular and are an integral part of the classic image of watches, it is mainly because of their many advantages and convenience of use.

The advantages of Apple Watch with band in leather are numerous:

  • Comfort for the skin

Leather is soft, silky and pleasant to the touch and the bands for Apple Watch made with this material is no exception. Unlike synthetic materials that can be itchy and cause chafing, leather feels great to the wearer of this connected watch.

  • The resistance of the band

The bands leather watches are appreciated for their durability. This material ensures the longevity of your watch, as it can resist wear and tear.

  • The quality of the material

As you already know, leather has a reputation for luxury in the fashion industry. It is a very noble material that gives the wearer of the watch a luxurious and elegant look. This little touch of sophistication is very appreciated by its users.

Be careful though, you should take care of your band leather Apple Watch if you want to ensure its durability.

Are the bands leather products compatible with all Apple Watch ?

With so many new bands on the market, we are entitled to wonder about the compatibility with the different series ofApple Watch. Apple itself says so. Most of the bands leather cases are compatible with the Series 3 of the Apple family (or more recent models) of similar size.

  • The bands that measure less than 41mm are compatible with 38 and 40 millimeter watches.
  • The bands compatible with 41 mm cases are also compatible with the Apple Watch size 42 and 44 millimeters.
  • The bands with single buckle are compatible with the SE watch model, but also with the Apple Series 4 watches, as well as with the more recently released models.

How to change your band leather on Apple Watch ?

Before you buy new bands for your Apple Watch, make sure it matches the dimensions of your Apple Watch case.

Follow the steps below to change the band leather on your Apple Watch :

  • Place theApple Watch on a clean, flat surface, such as a lint-free towel.
  • There are two unlocking buttons that appear, located at the bottom and top of the watch allowing respectively to control each halfband.
  • Press and hold the band release button and slide it out.
  • Do the same with the other half of the band. Take the time to switch one side at a time.
  • Finally, fit the new halfbands until it clicks into place.

If you have a single loop or a band with a single woven loop, simply pull the part underneath to enlarge it, then put it on and take it off your wrist.