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Sport Bracelet Apple Watch

The band sport Apple Watch is a model of band especially dedicated to the practice of sports activities. They have been designed to facilitate the movement by their lightness, their comfort, and their resistance to water. With a band sport, your Apple Watch is ready for the effort! With Band-Band, you will find the perfect band for your connected watch.

What is a band sport Apple Watch ?

The band sport Apple Watch is one of the essential elements of the Apple Watch, designed by specialists to give it a modern, elegant and sporty look. These watches are made for intensive training and daily use. So, you might as well have a band that accompanies you in these efforts!

Lightweight, breathable and soft to the touch, the band sports for connected watch is built around a minimalist design. This is to achieve minimal weight and high ventilation through a material that does not absorb moisture and perspiration. Also, the band sport Apple Watch is usually finished with a pin closure mechanism that is both slim and secure.

How to choose your band sport Apple Watch ?

If you have a Apple Watch and are about to buy a band sport, you must take into account several parameters to make the right choice.

The size and width of the band

Before purchasing a new band, you should make sure it is the same size as your Apple Watch case. Some bands s fit allApple Watch series, others are designed for Apple Watch Series 8, 7, 6, Apple Watch SE, or later models.

The bands designed for cases between 38 and 41 millimeters can be used with each other. Basically, you can mount a band made for a Apple Watch 38 mm case on a 41 mm case watch. Ditto for cases Apple Watch between 42 and 45 millimeters.

It should also be noted that the bands designed for 44 and 45 mm cases are compatible with the bands made for 49 mm cases.

The type of band

The band sport Apple Watch is an important element allowing the watch to fit well on your wrist. You might as well know the different types before making your choice.

The band basic sport or "sport band".

The Sport Band is ideal for daily use, especially for weekly jogging sessions in winter, fall and spring, as it is made of fluoroelastomer.

However, it doesn't let the skin breathe enough and sweat. Another disadvantage of the Sport Band is its punch closure system that does not allow for a precise fit.

The bands sport loop

They are made of soft and breathable nylon weave with a hook and loop closure, easily adjustable. They are very light (about 70 g), soft to the touch, stretchable so as not to compress the veins and machine or hand washable.

The sport loop has 5 velcro hooks for a better fit. Although the colors vary depending on the model of connected watch, they are often present under the model Charcoal Black, intense navy and kumquat orange. Prices may vary, but are around 68 euros approximately.

The bands single loops or "Solo loop

The band unique buckle is made of liquid silicone rubber, stretchy and manufactured for ultra-comfort. Beware though, this band retains heat and is sensitive to dirt. It will be perfect for training for a few hours in the gym.

The bands braided single loop or Braided Solo loop

The unique braided loop is one of the latest developments in band sport Apple Watch. Made from braided nylon, this band stretches and breathes easily. With no adjustment, it eliminates the chore of a belt-like buckle, and is very easy to clean.

How to put a band sport on a Apple Watch ?

You can easily remove the band from theApple Watch and exchange it with another band at any time by following these steps:

  • Place your Apple Watch face down on a clean, soft padded surface and make sure the text on the band is facing you.
  • Slide the new band from left to right until you feel or hear a click. Do not force the band into the slot. Your band should now be securely in place.

How to change band sport when you have a Apple Watch ?

One of the biggest advantages of theApple Watch is the ease with which it is possible to put on and remove a band.

To change your band sport Apple Watch, you must first make sure to use a band corresponding to the size of your case Apple Watch.

You can use a band Apple Watch for various generations and versions ofApple Watch. Here are some steps to change the band sport Apple Watch :

  • It is best to stand on a comfortable, flat surface to prevent the watch case from falling.
  • Remove your Apple Watch carefully. There are two release buttons located at the top and bottom of the watch that control the top and bottom parts of the band respectively.
  • Hold down each release button of the band and slide the band (do not force to remove the band). Simply follow the groove on theApple Watch.
  • If the band does not slide, hold its release button firmly, press and try again. Recommendations: please change one side at a time.
  • Take the new band, align it with the bottom left of the watch face and slide it into place.
  • Do the same with the other side. And that's it! You have changed band on your Apple Watch.